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Do You Need to Pay for Long Term Care?

Free Inspection & Estimate

We come and give you a free no obligation inspection and estimate on your house. We explain your options. Typically, we can come within 24 hours of your call.

Fast Offers

After the inspection we make you an offer on your house. These offers can be full priced offers depending on your unique circumstances. This offer will be for your house as is. No need to fix it up or clean it out.

Close Quickly

We do everything. We prepare all the paperwork, schedule the closing and get you money fast. We can close quickly in as little as 7 days and have your money ready at closing. Easy and hassle-free experience

Real Estate Solutions for the Greater Toledo Ohio Area

We buy houses in Toledo and in the entire area of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan including Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee, Perrysburg, Whitehouse, Waterville, Bowling Green, Findlay, Bedford, Temperance, and surrounding areas. If your house is located anywhere in or around these areas we can work with you.

Sell Your House Today

Paying for long term care is one of the challenges many families face today, and it gets more expensive every year. Some families plan for it and are in great shape. Other families have not planned for it or other issues came up that complicated the planning efforts. One of the best sources of funds to pay for this care is your house. You can turn your house into cash to pay for the care you need.

The one issue that is sometimes faced is you need to sell a house that needs a lot of repairs made because of deferred maintenance, required updates, or needing to be cleaned out. Any real estate agent will tell you that to sell your house you need to do all of these, which will take money and time.

What they don’t tell you is that you won’t get ANY of the money for these repairs back when you sell the house. Why? Because when new home buyers purchase a house, they expect that it is in good repair and move in ready. New home buyers almost always buy based on emotions and want a house that doesn’t need repairs or updating. If your house doesn’t meet this standard, they will buy another house.


If you have plenty of money to fix up and clean out the house and then wait for a real estate agent to list and sell it for maximum value, then this is what you should do. If you don’t have the money or time, then we have solutions for you.

We Buy Houses in Toledo in Any Condition

We buy houses in Toledo and surrounding areas in any condition for maximum value quickly. With a quick phone call to us we can schedule a visit and give you a free no obligation inspection and offer. We will do our best to give you a fair offer and the maximum value possible.

Cash for Your House Today

We are not real estate agents. We don’t want to list your house for sale. We want to buy your house today, put cash in your pocket right now, and help you through a difficult situation and make one part of it easier.

  • Free No Obligation Estimate & Evaluation
  • Sell Your House Today
  • We Buy As Is – No Need to Clean or Fix Anything
  • Full Price Offers Available
  • Money to Get a New Home & Help You Move
  • All Cash Offers Available
  • Fast Closing – We can Close in as Little as 7 Days

Call Today

Please don’t delay. It can be tempting to think the situation will get better or be over quickly, but it may not be. If you fall behind on payments your house could go into foreclosure, which would seriously limit your options. The sooner you contact us the more options and money you can get for your house.

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sell your house today

We offer you a free no obligation inspection and estimate on your house.

We make you an offer on your house up to and including full price offers.

We quickly close making the entire process easy and hassle free.