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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Naturally when you are making a big decision, possibly the biggest you have made since buying your house, are the questions you have about selling it. We have provided this frequently asked questions (FAQs) page to try and answer as many questions as we can about our company, process, and what you can expect if you decide to work with us. Just look up your question below and hit the green + icon next to it to see the answer.

If at any time you have questions not addressed here reach out to us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may still have. We want you to be comfortable to deciding to work with us. We aren’t the best fit for every person or situation.

How does the process look for you to buy my house?

The first step is simply deciding that selling your house is the best solution for you. If you think that is the right direction it starts with a phone call to our office –  567-343-5525. We will ask you some questions over the phone just trying to figure out if we are the right fit for your problem.

Next, we would schedule a time to come out and do a free no-obligation inspection of your house. We want to walk around and look, gather some information, and talk to you about possible options. This is a very relaxed laid-back process. No pressure and no obligations to do anything other than talk.

Assuming you would like to proceed here is what happens next:


  1. Generate Offer: We will work up some offers and come back to present them in person. We generally present a variety of options and programs that fit your unique circumstances.
  2. Offer Acceptance: We will spend as much time as necessary reviewing our offer, answering questions and if you like one of our options you would accept our offer and sign an agreement to sell us your house.
  3. Closing: We will prepare all the paperwork and schedule the closing. You don’t have to do anything, and this process is generally very fast. We can close in as little as 7 days in some cases. At the closing you will get a certified bank check and walk out with money in your pocket.
How do you determine what my house is worth?

This is controlled by what other houses in your area are selling for and the repairs that need to be completed on your house. Because we are not a bank or real estate agent, we can often come up with solutions that maximize the money you receive from your house because we don’t have the restrictions that they have.

How fast do you respond, inspect the property and get us an offer?

We typically respond within 24 hours of you contacting us. We can almost always schedule an inspection and time to look at your house within a day. Before we even schedule an inspection, we will collect information over the phone and come prepared to the inspection.

It will take us approximately another day to generate an offer for your house and if we can agree on price and terms, we can generally close within a week.

If I submit information to your website or call do I have to sell you my house?

No, absolutely not. All you are doing by submitting information to our site or calling us is giving us a chance to collect some information about your house and your situation so we can see how best to help you. You are under NO obligation to do anything with us at any time and will never be charged for anything we do. Everything we do is free and comes with no obligation. You are 100% in control the entire time.

Do you charge for your inspection of my house?

No, there is absolutely no cost to you for any part of this process. Our inspection of your house and offer are completely free to you and comes with no obligation for you to accept if we can’t agree on price and terms.

My house needs a lot of repairs and updates will you still buy it?

Yes, because we are investors, we are buying your house directly. We are used to seeing properties that need work, sometimes a lot of work. We have our own team of contractors that will clean and fix the property up.

You will not need to do anything and will not need to come up with any money to make any repairs. You don’t even need to clean your house out. Just take what you want and leave the rest and we will clean it up ourselves.

Do you do provide full price offers?

Yes, this is one of the options we can sometimes do. Depending on your situation and house we can offer your asking price or very close to it. We will do everything possible to give you as much money as possible for your house. More importantly we will buy your house as is. You don’t need to fix it up, clean it out or allow a parade of buyers to come through with a real estate agent. You don’t pay us a commission, which will be thousands of dollars, to a real estate agent.

Are you real estate agents looking to list my house?

No, we are investors who want to buy your home. We aren’t trying to list your house and will not be bringing hoards of people through your property to look at it. Our process is to work with you directly and negotiate a purchase of your house in a way that will solve your problem.

How are you different than all the other “We Buy Houses” signs and post cards?

Sadly, the real estate investment industry has a bit of a bad name. Over the years there have been shady people or outright crooks trying to make a fast buck by cheating people. The late-night real estate gurus peddle high priced “investment” courses to people that should be working a job, not trying to buy your house. Many of them don’t have any money, have bad credit, and don’t know what they are doing.

We are about as different from that description as night and day.

  • Money: We have our own cash reserves, lines of credit, and private investors. If necessary we can work with banks and have the credit and resources to do so. We can actually buy your house and have both the means and ability get the deal completed.
  • Know How: Our owner has operated a successful, non-real estate related, business in the technology industry for 16 years. He holds an MBA in business and has over two decades of business experience. We also have considerable real estate knowledge with a portfolio of properties and experience in real estate development. We have a talented team of professionals from our contractors, attorneys, accountants, and real estate professionals. You are in good hands with our company.
  • Local & Community Centered: We are a family owned local business. We are not a hedge fund from New York or some overseas or out of state buyer. We live and work in Northwest Ohio. Our family is involved in the community we all live in. We are part of the Chamber of Commerce as well as several community groups. Our reputation is one of our greatest assets and we aren’t about to sacrifice that to cheat you out of your house. We are here to stay.

We are not in real estate to make a fast buck and we didn’t just buy a late-night TV guru’s course and decide this was a better option than getting a job. We also didn’t just attend some fly by night seminar guy that promised attendees the “secrets” on how to steal your house for pennies on the dollar with a slick sales talk. Our offers are real and will solve your problems.

We buy houses, fix them up and provide quality housing to other families in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. We maintain our properties, pay our taxes, pay our bills and keep our promises. We believe in community and making people and houses better off than we found them.

How do you stop foreclosures?

Admittedly this is a complicated process that is fraught with legal and potential tax issues. Every bank has a slightly different process for dealing with foreclosures, so no two situations are quite the same. We work with our attorneys and the bank to get your foreclosure stopped, get your loan reinstated, and brought current.

However, the key thing you need to understand is this is very time sensitive. The earlier in the process you call us the more options you have. If you call us after you miss your first payment or two and know you will miss the next one, we have more options to deal with your problem. If you wait until a week before the auction at the court house, you have almost no options. Time is not on your side and delay will cause you to lose your house.

I need the money from my house to find a new place to live and time to move, will you still help?

Because we are investors and not real estate agents, we are buying your house directly. We can buy your house and then give you money and time to move to a new house after we buy it. We have a lot of creative tools to help you solve your problem in a way that works for you. We might even be able to help you find another house or apartment to move into.

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