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Equity Connection is a real estate investment company in Toledo, Ohio. We buy houses in Toledo and surrounding areas. We help people that have houses in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan that want to sell quickly and for the maximum value. We can help you do that quickly and easily with a minimum amount of effort on your part.

We can assist with a variety of issues including things like foreclosures, buying houses from estates, and buying houses in difficult divorce situations. Maybe you are moving or retiring and don’t want to take a lot of time and money to fix up a house that you need to sell. We buy houses in Toledo and surrounding areas in any condition.

We are not real estate agents and we are not looking to list your home for sale. We want to buy your house. In any condition. For maximum value.

Have a question about your specific situation? Send us a message and we can answer it for you quickly.


Full Price Offers Available

We have options to give you a full priced offer for your house that will give you get you a maximum amount of money.


Fast Closing

We can close in as fast as 7 days. Selling your house, the traditional way can take a long time. We will be much faster and easier than using a real estate agent.


We Buy Houses in Any Condition

You will not need to spend money to fix or clean your house to get it ready to sell. We can clean it out and fix it. We will buy it as is right now.


Free House Estimates

We will do a fast and free no obligation inspection of your house and give you a variety of options for your unique situation.


Multiple Buying Options

We have a variety of programs to give you multiple options that will match your unique needs. We don’t have a one size fits all solution. We tailor our solutions to you.


Easy & Hassle Free

From inspection to closing we do all the work. We make the process easy and fast. We understand you are busy and want to make this as simple as possible for you.

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Problems We Can Help You Solve

No matter what reason you have for needing to sell your house fast we can help. We buy houses in Toledo and surrounding areas. If circumstances are spiraling out of control or you find yourself with a house you don’t want let us help you make one part of it easier. Our team has experience in a variety of bad situations you may have found yourself in and we have solutions for all of them.

Stop Foreclosure Now

Foreclosure is a scary situation. Seemingly overnight the situation got out of hand and now the phone calls and letters with a ton of legal threats never seem to end. We can help end this right now. Don’t wait because time is not on your side and the situation will not get better by waiting.


Divorce is never easy. It is hard financially and emotionally. Are you involved in a divorce and need to move or sell your house quickly? If you find yourself in that situation, we might be able to help. We will give you a free inspection and discuss your options so that you can move on.

Estate Sale & Probate

A death in the family often brings big life changes. Those changes could involve an unwanted house that needs work or is inherited by out of state heirs. If you are the owner of a house you inherited that you want to get rid of quickly and easily without spending a lot of time or money we can help.

Job Loss or Transfer

A job loss or transfer can come fast and create an immediate need for money or to sell a house fast without having to go through the normal process of fixing it up, hiring a real estate agent and waiting for months to sell it. We can help you turn your house into cash today. We make it fast & easy.

Long Term Care

Finding long term care for a family member is emotionally difficult and can have a big financial impact. If you need to sell a house to provide long term care and you don’t have money or time to fix it up we can buy it as is and help you get the financial resources you need today.

Long Term Disability

If you are suffering disability from an injury or medical condition you probably know winning your claim could take years. If you need to sell your house to help with the finances or to move, we can buy your existing house as is for the maximum value possible. We provide fast & easy service.

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We offer you a free no obligation inspection and estimate on your house.

We make you an offer on your house up to and including full price offers.

We quickly close making the entire process easy and hassle free.