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Stop Your Toledo Ohio Foreclosure Now!

Free Inspection & Estimate

We come and give you a free no obligation inspection and estimate on your house. We explain your options. Typically, we can come within 24 hours of your call.

Fast Offers

After the inspection we make you an offer on your house. These offers can be full priced offers depending on your unique circumstances. This offer will be for your house as is. No need to fix it up or clean it out.

Close Quickly

We do everything. We prepare all the paperwork, schedule the closing and get you money fast. We can close quickly in as little as 7 days and have your money ready at closing. Easy and hassle-free experience

Real Estate Solutions for the Greater Toledo Ohio Area

We offer real estate solutions in the entire area of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan including Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee, Perrysburg, Whitehouse, Waterville, Bowling Green, Findlay, Bedford, Temperance, and surrounding areas. If your house is located anywhere in or around these areas we can work with you.

Stop Foreclosure Now

Foreclosure on your home is a scary topic that you don’t want to talk about or deal with. A few bad breaks occurred, and you fell behind on your payments. One thing piled on another and before you knew it things were too far behind to fix. Suddenly you are getting all kinds of legal notices and phone calls from the bank and you aren’t sure what to do first, so you don’t do anything at all.

Don’t Wait to Stop Your Foreclosure

This is a critical mistake. The foreclosure isn’t going away and the faster you act the more options you have available. The first obvious action is bringing the payments current. The problem is most people simply can’t come up with enough money to bring payments up to date and if you get more than a couple of months behind it might become impossible to catch up.

The next option would be to sell the house but going the traditional route of hiring a real estate agent takes time. Time is something you don’t have. In addition, they will want you to fix and clean the house up and get it ready to market.


Stopping Foreclosure Solutions

If you are facing foreclosure you don’t have time or money to do either of these. You need a fast solution you can take today and will start working immediately.

This is where we come in. We are not real estate agents. We don’t want to list your house for sale. We want to buy your house today, put cash in your pocket right now, and stop your foreclosure today!

  • Free No Obligation Estimate & Evaluation
  • Sell Your House Today
  • We Buy As Is – No Need to Clean or Fix Anything
  • Full Price Offers Available
  • Money to Get a New Home & Help You Move
  • All Cash Offers Available
  • Fast Closing – We can Close in as Little as 7 Days

Call Today

Delaying is the worst thing you can do and will not fix or make your problem go away. Call us today to see how we can help you stop your foreclosure and put cash in your pocket right now. We have a variety of programs and are easy to work with.


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sell your house today

We offer you a free no obligation inspection and estimate on your house.

We make you an offer on your house up to and including full price offers.

We quickly close making the entire process easy and hassle free.